In the aftermath of the whole Anne Ferro resignation fiasco, it occurred to me that while OOIDA members had their 'beef' with the Lady Administrator, property brokers have been menaced by the leadership of the TIA for too long. So, recently, I put out the call for Robert Voltmann's resignation. Today, I offer the industry this...

'Bill of Particulars'

10. In 2004, TIA President Robert Voltmann told the trucking industry raising the property broker bond would NOT fight fraud  and then-- after he began selling optional $100,000 broker bonds, he conveniently flip-flopped and changed his position and told the industry and Congress we very much needed a $100,000 bond to “fight fraud”.

9. After failing to get his $100,000 bond passed for two years in a row in both chambers of Congress, Mr. Voltmann convinced a politician to attach and hide his failed anti-competitive, stand-alone legislation deep within the 600 page 2012 MAP-21 highway bill (we and our allies got the amount lowered to $75,000 during the conference committee deliberations). This new barrier to entry violates America's National Transportation Policy codified at 49 USC 13101, which encourages "fair competition" and "reasonable rates" and is currently the subject of a U.S. Court of Appeals case and an Exemption Application to FMCSA.

8. Mr. Voltmann did this against the very wishes of the TIA Membership in that 79% of members polled advised him in 2009 that they wanted ANYTHING other than a $100,000 bond. As a former TIA member myself, I am appalled.

7. Mr. Voltmann’s high broker bond directly caused 9,801 small businesses in the surface transportation intermediary industry to lose their FMCSA licenses and be put out of business between December 2 and 16, 2013 when FMCSA enforced the new minimum bond requirements without rulemaking.

6. Rather than admit the broker bond was the sudden cause, Mr. Voltmann came up with a lame “cleaning of the database” excuse to explain away this decimation of 41% of the intermediary industry so his elite and larger 3PL members could achieve greater market power to charge shippers more and pay truckers less. The truth is: every broker who was revoked had been paying an annual $10,000 bond premium to remain in active license status and Mr. Voltmann caused them to go out of business.

5. Under Mr. Voltmann’s leadership, the TIA’s ethics committee botched an ethics complaint by hiding important information from the industry and public such as the fact that the father of the subject of the ethics complaint is the chairman of his “Ethics” committee. And 90% of those polled in our poll disagreed with Mr. Voltmann when he suggested it is not “really important” that we caught the TIA’s Ethics Committee hiding the fact that Gilles Roch, the father of Shawn Roch, the very subject of our ethics complaint, is the Chair of the TIA Ethics Committee.

4. Mr. Voltmann’s appeared to encourage brokers to engage in “collaboration in pricing” after attending two industry conferences, which caused us to have to warn the industry to steer clear of illegal price-fixing on Sirius XM Radio and here.

3. Mr. Voltmann has disseminated misinformation to the broker community and used incorrect facts to convince legislators to pass his preferred policies like his statement that motor carriers have been ‘renewing their authority for years’ in justification for a broker license renewal requirement in MAP-21, which is simply not true. Rather than deal with the merit of our challenge, Mr. Voltmann instead teamed up with Mike Regan from Tranzact and produced a Youtube video that attempts to assassinate his competitor’s character rather than deal with the fact that his information was simply wrong.

2. I understand Mr. Voltmann’s lobbying activities on the bond issue is currently the subject of a United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division “Review” insofar as a September 2013 collusion complaint AIPBA filed is concerned.

1. I believe Mr. Voltmann is currently about to cause brokers to PAY MORE STATE TAXES and create the precedent for workers’ compensation and/or unemployment insurance liability for brokers at the state level NATIONWIDE by getting enacted a Federal law (HR 4727) that suggests brokers “hire” motor carriers. This will cause SERIOUS TAX IMPLICATIONS for brokers. TIA’s members should DEMAND TIA fix this before TIA does even MORE DAMAGE to the industry (as if causing the elimination of over 40% of the industry last year wasn’t enough, now they want brokers to PAY MORE STATE TAXES?) I wouldn’t be surprised if he and TIA are about to start to sell workers’ compensation insurance next.

You should know that North Carolina recently held (albeit improperly) a Florida broker liable for a trucker's workers' compensation coverage and medical bills.

Click here to read the case.

This can happen to you too, brokers, if TIA is successful in enacting a Federal Law that says you "hire" carriers.


I therefore invite all members of the industry to JOIN ME in demanding Mr. Voltmann’s IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION due to his flagrant incompetence by either liking or commenting in support of this post on Facebook. Click Here.

You may also email Mr. Voltmann via


AIPBA President

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