NRG Oncology Communications Update

NRG Oncology is pleased to announce a new weekly email communication that will provide comprehensive information about NRG Oncology and its clinical trials. Starting August 11, NRG Oncology will distribute a broadcast each Monday with important information from the operations and Statistics and Data Management Center offices that will include regulatory and protocol updates, membership information, a recent publications’ listing, and other news. In addition, NRG Oncology will send a monthly newsletter with information about new programs, upcoming group meetings, profiles of investigators, highlights of our science to be presented at major scientific meetings and more news of interest to our research community.

There are 3 options that NRG Members have regarding NRG Communications. Persons may receive:
  • All NRG Oncology e-mail communications*
  • The NRG Weekly Broadcast only
  • The NRG Oncology Newsletter only
The above communications will be distributed to all persons on the NRG Roster using the following guidelines:
  • Persons on the NRG Roster that hold one or more of the following roles: Contact PI, PI, Local PI, LAPS PI, NCORP PI, Lead RA, Co-Lead RA, and Local Lead RA or
  • Persons that have a role of CRA or Registrar unless they opt out
  • Other persons on the NRG Roster that complete a Roster Update Form to request to receive NRG Oncology Broadcasts.
*Persons on the NRG Oncology Roster who have one or more of the following Person Roles: Contact PI, PI, Local PI, LAPS PI, NCORP PI, Lead RA, Co-Lead RA, and Local Lead RA are required to receive all communications and are responsible to ensure that others within their organization receive information as needed. Any person who is assigned one or more of these roles may not opt out of receiving any NRG communications.

Beginning on Monday, August 11, NRG Oncology communications will be distributed using the process described above. If you do not receive an NRG Oncology broadcast on Monday, it means that you currently are not in one of the three distribution categories mentioned above and not on the NRG Oncology E-Mail Distribution List. If you wish to receive NRG Oncology communications please submit a Roster Update Form to be added to the E-Mail Distribution List.